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Visit Sri Sruthi Hospitals of Dr. V. Madhu Bindu to find relief from PCOD treatments, cancer screening, menstrual disorders, menopause, surgeries, rehabilitation after delivery etc. The clinic offers wide range of treatments that include Femi lift treatments and other laser treatments for feminine wellness. All her treatments give in instant and immediate results and is fast, safe and extremely effective. Dr. V. Madhu Bindu aims at promoting feminine wellness by bringing in the best of laser treatments that can help women combat diseases effectively without any pain. She firmly believes that vaginal health and feminine wellness play a very crucial role in maintaining and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Being an Obstetrician and Gynecologists, she holds great expertise in treating patients suffering from PCOD, menopause, vaginal tightening, involuntary urinary leakage from coughing and sneezing etc. Presently, her clinic is located in the prime location of Guntur.

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